Catalog Entry (2012-2013):

2940 Special Topics in Computer and Electronics Engineering II(1-4) Special topics in the emerging areas of computer and electronics engineering at the sophomore level which may not be covered in the other courses in the computer and electronics engineering curriculum. Prereq: Sophomore standing or permission.

Class Schedule:

1-4 Credit Hours: 1-4 Hours Lecture Elective


This course is designed to allow coverage at the sophomore level of emerging and/or specialized computer and electronics engineering topics which can not be covered in existing courses.

It is envisioned that topics which have been taught several times under this course title will be incorporated into a new course.

Suggested Text:

Selected as appropriate for course content.

Prerequisites by:

Course: Sophomore standing or permission of instructor


Topics will vary with subject matter.

Computer Usage:

Not specifically required but usually used.

Laboratory Exercises:

Not specifically required but usually involved in the course work.


August 19, 1997