CEEN 3520: Electronic Circuits II

Catalog Entry (2012-2013):

3520 Electronic Circuits II(4) Operational amplifier circuit design and analysis with emphasis on feedback and stability. Design and analysis of large signal power amplifiers. Other integrated devices such as regulators, comparators, Schmitt triggers, oscillators and active filters. Prereq: CEEN 2220.


Microelectronic Circuits, Sedra A.S. and Smith K.C., 4th ed., 1998, Oxford University Press.

Class/Laboratory Schedule:

The lecture classes will meet for three university hours each week. An optional problem session will meet for one and a half university hour each week. The lab session of up to 21 students will meet for three hours each week.

Course Outcomes:

In order to successfully complete and pass this class, the students will:
  1. Analyze, design, and implement feedback circuits.
  2. Analyze, design, and implement passive and active filters.
  3. Analyze, design, and implement amplifier power stage.
  4. Analyze, and implement operational amplifier.
  5. Analyze, design, and implement D-A and A-D converters/codecs
  6. Understand, and employ spec and similar data and descriptions.
  7. Design, and implement an analog or analog/digital project.

Course Topics:

  1. Lectures
    1. Negative Feedback Circuits, Structures, Properties, and Applications. (3 weeks)
    2. Passive and Active Filters. Coil Replacement. One- and Multiopamp structures.(3 weeks)
    3. Positive Feedback. Oscillators. Waveshaping Circuits. (2 weeks)
    4. ADC and DAC, Codec. (2 weeks)
    5. Op-amp applications (2 weeks)
    6. A, B, and A-B Power Stages (2 weeks)
    7. Noise (1 week)
  2. Laboratory Experiments
    1. Negative Feedback Circuits. Input and Output Resistance. Feedback Factor
    2. LP, HP, and BP Filters
    3. Oscillators and Multivibrators
    4. ADC and DAC/Codecs
    5. A-B Power Stage
    6. Noise measurement
  3. Project
    1. Memory Storage and Playback of Voice. The project includes segments worked out in the lab experiments.

The Reason this Course is in the Program:

Topics covered by the class, such as Feedback, A-D D-A Conversion, Filters (in depth), are very important, and there are not at all or only barely investigated in the whole program.

Prepared by:

Thad Kulik - May 2002.