CEEN 4760/8766: Wireless Communications

Catalog Entry (2012-2013):

4760 Wireless Communications This course provides the fundamental concepts of wireless communications. This course starts with basic communications concepts such as modulation, multiple access, spectrum efficiency and spread spectrum. This course integrates propagation, speech coding, radio, standards, internetworking, link budget and design. Overview of satellite communications will be followed. Current issues in wireless communications are discussed in this class. Prereq: Permission. (Cross-listed with CEEN 8766.)

Class Schedule:

3 Credit Hours; 3 Hours Lecture


This course will serve as an overview of the general wireless communication systems. Integrating current wireless communication concepts, it will help students understand the basic principles of state of art wireless communications. The goal is to provide the context, background and tools in broad rather than to teach any specific standard or systems in detail. This course will enhance the knowledge and capability to understand the current issues regarding wireless communication systems in general.

Suggested text:

Wireless Personal Communications Systems, by Goodman, Addison-Wesley, 1997, ISBN 0-201-63470-8

Prerequisites by:

Not specified


  1. Introduction (What is wireless?) (1 week)
  2. Modulation (1 week)
    1. AM/FM
    2. Fourier Spectrum
    3. Sampling Theorem
  3. Multiple Access (1 week)
    1. TDMA
    2. FDMA
    3. CDMA
  4. Spectrum Efficiency (1 week)
  5. Spread Spectrum (1 week)
    1. a. Direct Sequence
    2. b. Frequency Hopping
  6. Propagation (1 week)
    1. Free Space Propagation Model
    2. Reflection, Diffraction and Scattering
    3. Okumura Model, Hata Model
  7. Speech Coding (1 week)
    1. a. Quantization Techniques
    2. b. Vocoders
  8. Radio (1 weeks)
    1. a. Mobile Radio
    2. b. Cellular Radio
    3. c. PCS
  9. Standards (1 weeks)
    1. AMPS
    2. GSM
    3. CDMA/IS-95
  10. Mobile Systems Internetworking (1 week)
    1. handset
    2. base station
    3. PSTN (Public Switch Telephone Network)
    4. Satellite Systems
  11. Link Budget and Design (2 weeks)
  12. Satellite Communications Overview (2 weeks)
  13. Current issues in wireless communications (1 week)
  14. Exams ( 1 midterm and 1 final)

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