Catalog Entry (2012-2013):

4920 Individual Study in Computer and Electronics Engineering IV(1-3) Individual study at the senior level in a selected computer or electronics engineering area under the supervision and guidance of a Computer and Electronics Engineering faculty member. Prereq: Senior or graduate standing, and departmentally approved proposal.(Cross-listed with CEEN 8926.)


To provide a means whereby senior level topics which are not regularly emphasized in the regular course offerings and which are of a particular interest to a student may be pursued under the supervision of a faculty member; to allow a student to pursue in greater depth some topic form the curriculum.

Class Schedule:

1 - 3 Credit Hours: Hours Arranged Elective

Suggested Text:

Course: Senior standing and Departmentally approved proposal


Topics will vary with individual enrollments but must be within the intent of the course.

A comprehensive report covering the objectives of the work, the work performed, and the results obtained is required in addition to any other requirements specified in the proposal for the assignment of a course grade.

Computer Usage:

Not specifically required but usually used.

Laboratory Exercises:

Not specifically required but usually involved in the course work.


August 19, 1997