Technical Elective Courses

Course ID Title Credits Lecture Lab
CEEN-3290 Applied Fields and Lines II 4 X X
CEEN-3920 Individual Study in CEEN III 1-3 - -
CEEN-3940 Special Topics in CEEN III 1-4 X -
CEEN-4710 Computer Communication Networks 4 X X
CEEN-4730 Mobile and Personal Communications 4 X X
CEEN-4750 Satellite Communications 4 X X
CEEN-4760 Wireless Communications 4 X X
CEEN-4790 Optical Fiber Communications 4 X X
CEEN-4910 Special Topics in CEEN IV 1-4 X -
CEEN-4920 Individual Study in CEEN IV 1-3 - -

Additional Non-CEEN Tech Electives for:

Computer Engineering (CENG)-ONLY (approved 09/26/2005)
Electronics Engineering (EENG)-ONLY (approved 09/26/2005)