Grade Point Requirements:
Admission with full standing requires a grade point average (GPA) for all under-graduate work of at least a 3.00 point (on a 4.00 scale.) Applicants with a GPA below a 3.00 or with deficiencies will be evaluated and admission may be granted on a provisional basis until proof of an ability to complete graduate level work satisfactorily, as established by the area of concentration Graduate Committee. Course work used for this program cannot be taken as Pass/Fail. All deficient courses stipulated at the time of admission must be passed with a grade of B or better.

Prerequisite Requirements:
To enter this program, the following minimum prerequisites are required:

  1. Students must meet all established general program requirements of the degree as published in the UNL Graduate Bulletin.
  2. A Bachelor of Science (or higher) degree in Electronic Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering Technology or other related Bachelor of Science degrees with sufficient engineering math background.
  3. Students without an engineering degree must meet sufficient engineering calculus and probability and statistics background. Typically, this includes two calculus courses and a probability/statistics course.
  4. All international applicants for the MENG program must take the GRE general examination. There is no minimum score on the GRE examination although the average is approximately 775 on the Quantitative portion of the examination.

Engineering Work Experience:
Students admitted to this program with a bachelor's degree in engineering but without engineering practice experience must satisfy one of the following options prior to graduation:

  1. Fulfill the engineering practice experience requirement concurrently with enrollment in the MENG program, Or,
  2. Complete at least twelve months of full-time engineering practice through the graduate co-operative education program (at least one semester and two summers of full-time engineering practice).