Students are required to take up to 9 credit hours from the technical elective courses. Student's advisory committee will recommend selection of the available technical elective courses. The following is a partial list:

  1. CEEN-8336 Digital Computer Design I
  2. CEEN-8366 Digital Computer Design II
  3. CEEN-843x Computer Architecture
  4. CEEN-844x Computer Performance Modeling
  5. CEEN-846x Advanced Microprocessors
  6. CEEN-848x Computer Graphics
  7. CEEN-8636 Digital Communications Media
  8. CEEN-8666 Telecommunications Engineering I
  9. CEEN-8746 Spread Spectrum Communications
  10. CEEN-877x Telecommunications Engineering II
  11. CEEN-883x Data Acquisition and Conditioning
  12. CEEN-884x Mixed Signal Design
  13. CEEN-885x Modern Control Systems
  14. CEEN-886x Digital Control Systems
  15. CEEN-888x Packet Switching Systems