A minimum of 9 credit hours must be taken at the graduate level in the telecommunications elective courses from the Department of Computer and Electronics Engineering (CEEN), Electrical Engineering (EE), Computer Science and Engineering (CSE), and the Information Science and Technology College (IST).

Note: This list may change based on the offering of courses from the related departments. All listed courses are three credit hours each.

Computer and Electronics Engineering (CEEN)

  1. CEEN-8716 Computer Communication Networks
  2. CEEN-8736 Mobile and Personal Communications
  3. CEEN-8756 Satellite Communications
  4. CEEN-8766 Wireless Communications
  5. CEEN-8786 Broadband Networks
  6. CEEN-8796 Optical Fiber Communications
Electrical Engineering (EE)
  1. ELEC-862 Communication System
  2. ELEC-864 Digital Communication System
  3. ELEC-865 Introduction to Data Compression
  4. ELEC-810 Multivariate Random Processes
  5. ELEC-866 Digital Image Processing
  6. ELEC-868 Microwave Engineering
  7. ELEC-883 Radar Systems
Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)
  1. CSCE-879 Introduction to Neural Networks
  2. CSCE-862 Communication Networks
  3. CSCE-863 Introduction to Coding Theory
  4. CSCE-952 Advanced Computer Networks
Information Science and Technology (IST)
  1. CSCI-8556 Communication Networks
  2. CSCI-8210 Advanced Communication Networks