The CEEN Department offers three areas of concentrations leading to the MS degree in Telecommunications Engineering. The choice of MS option depends on the interests and future plans of the student. The length of time necessary to complete the MS program varies, but is typically two years for full-time enrollment.

  • Option I: The vast majority of MS students in the CEEN Department choose Option I. Students considering a Ph.D. degree would also generally choose this option. For this degree option, a minimum of 30 credit hours which includes a written thesis are required. At least six credit hours must be taken as thesis research. Of the remaining hours, a minimum of 24 hours of formal course work must be taken with at least 9 credit hours in graduate-only courses. Of the total minimum of 30 credit hours, at least 15 credit hours must be CEEN credits.

  • Option II: Option II does not require thesis research and provides the student with a broader range of courses in his/her program. Normally, this option is not appropriate for students interested in continuing with a Ph.D. degree. A minimum of 36 credit hours of formal course work are required and a single minor must be designated. The program must consist of a minimum of 18 credit hours in CEEN and 9 hours in the minor field. A minimum of 12 credit hours of graduate-only courses are required.

  • Option III: Option III does not require a master's thesis but has a minimum course requirement of 36 credit hours. At least 18 credit hours must be earned in graduate-only courses. A minimum of 18 credit hours must be CEEN courses. No minor is required.