All international applicants for the MS degree in Telecommunications Engineering must take the GRE general examination. Typically, applicants admitted to the program have scores of 1250 or better for Quantitative and Verbal, and 3.0 or higher on Analytical. Official transcripts and three letters of recommendation must be submitted along with the graduate application. International students without a bachelor's degree from a US institution are further required to take the TOEFL examination. The minimum TOEFL score required for admission is 550 (213 computer-based). After the minimum requirements are met, the CEEN Graduate Committee evaluates each case on an individual basis.

Generally, applications for the Spring semester must be complete before October 15th of the previous semester, and for the Fall semester must be complete before April 15th of the same year. Formal and complete graduate application procedures for UNL are described in the Graduate Studies Admissions Guide. On-line applications and information request forms may be obtained from the Office of Graduate Studies.

  • MS Admissions: Admission to the MS program in Telecommunications Engineering requires completion of undergraduate course work substantially equivalent to the BS Computer Engineering, BS Electronics Engineering, or BS Electrical Engineering of the University of Nebraska. Applicants with undergraduate degrees in other areas may be admitted to the MS degree program with the requirement of additional course work to eliminate the deficiencies.