Leading Research Labs in Telecommunications and Networking

Business Week's List
  1. MIT (EECS: Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science)
  2. MIT (ANA: Advanced Network Architecture Group)
  3. MIT (AON: All Optical Network)
  4. Stanford (McKeown Group)
  5. USC (ISI Computer Networking Division)
  6. USC (Computer Networks and Distributed Systems Research Laboratory)
  7. Columbia (CTR: Center for Telecommunications Research)
  8. Berkeley (Tenet Group)
  9. CMU (CMCL: Computers, Media, and Communication Laboratory)
  10. UIUC (CRHC: Center for Reliable and High-Performance Computing)
  11. Georgia Tech (B_W_N-LAB: Broadband and Wireless Networking Laboratory)
  12. UCSD (CWC: Center for Wireless Communications)
  13. U of Michigan (RTCL: Real Time Computing Laboratory)
  14. OSU (NETLAB: Computer Networking and Telecommunications Research Lab)
  15. Cambridge (SRG: Systems Research Group)
  16. Toronto (Communications Group)
  17. INRIA(IVS: INRIA Videoconferencing System)
  18. Polytechnic (CATT: Center for Advanced Technology in Telecommunications)
  19. Virginia Tech
  21. Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong
  22. KAIST
  23. WINLAB at Rutgers
  24. Drexel University
  1. Bell-Lab Networking Research Lab
  2. AT&T Labs
  3. LBNL Network Research Group
  4. CNRI Corporation for National Research Initiatives
  5. ORNL
  6. IBM