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Invest in the Computer and Electronics Engineering Department

The CEEN (Computer and Electronics Engineering) Department is grateful we are the only ECE-type department in the United States with a newly instituted freshman retention program. Also, CEEN students have designed a robot called the CEENBoT™ which has been adopted by the faculty for use in all CEEN courses. This educational platform will provide the unifying theme that will lead to a progression of learning experiences that links all of the courses together.

Priority Funding Needs: Support existing initatives or create your own fund

Create your own fund

Create your own fund Establishing your own fund is the ultimate way to make a difference in the CEEN Department. Your gift can be directed at any of the numbered areas below and will enable the department to stay on top of the constantly changing field of ECE and provide the best possible education for future engineers and community leaders. Your support enables the department to enhance students' experiences through relevant and challenging educational programs, leading edge research and the transfer of knowledge, which helps prepare competent and intelligent graduates who are ready for the fast-paced challenges of a career in computer and electronics engineering.

Support CEEN's Existing Initiatives

For those not wishing to create their own fund, your support can also be directed at any of the areas below.

1. CEEN Undergraduate Scholarship Fund

Many gifted young people dream of going to college, but not everyone has the financial resources to make that dream a reality. That's where scholarships come in. A gift supporting undergraduate scholarships supports aspiring engineers within the CEEN Department by increasing financial aid opportunities for deserving students enrolled on campus. With the help of scholarships, students are not only realizing the dream of higher education, they are discovering their boundless potential.

2. CEEN Student Activities and Enhancements Fund

The support for IEEE grabbag and other student selected activities such as support for field trips to visit industries and job fairs and trips to attend competitions where CEEN students Ben Barenz and Dan Norman (Dec. 2008 grad) went on to win a national competition in Rochester, NY. The CEENBoT™ Robotics Showcase funding will go to support CEEN hosting the annual robotics competition for Omaha-based schools in grades K-12 and for travel by CEEN students to local schools.

3. CEEN Graduate Fellowships Fund

The next great area of growth within CEEN has been with graduate programs, particularly at the PhD level. The goal of the department is to increase the pipeline of CEEN undergraduate students into our PhD Computer Engineering program. Whether collaborating with faculty on research, or teaching and mentoring undergraduates, graduate students are crucial to the strength and integrity of the university. The advances these students make in the field of computer and electronics engineering while at NEBRASKA greatly enhance its reputation as a leader in education and scientific research. Private support for graduate fellowships ensures that the university will continue to attract the top minds as graduate students, and also the faculty who want to work with these bright, hard-working students.

4. CEEN Faculty Support Fund

The CEEN Department utilizes a high standard in teaching and development of our students. The quality of a program is measured by the quality of the faculty, who equip students with the necessary skills to succeed in an ever-changing world. Endowed and expendable faculty support assists in achieving a high level of excellence by allowing the department to respond to faculty development opportunities and equipment maintenance needs. Your support can be directed towards creating an endowed chair position.

5. CEEN General Support Fund

Investing in this fund will allow the CEEN Department to distribute your contribution into the five other key areas on this page to address our current needs.

6. CEEN Program Development Support Fund

Creating a dynamic department atmosphere that promotes learning, research, recruitment and business partnerships is another priority. Endowed and expendable funds enable scheduling room upgrades and regular equipment maintenance, allowing the department to maintain industry standards. Private support is increasingly critical in providing the department with the financial resources necessary to create new facilities and maintain existing spaces and equipment. Your gifts do nothing less than to help provide an optimal learning environment. As an example, you can direct your donation to support our state-of-the-art distance learning space (Access Grid) that will allow CEEN students to receive course instruction from anywhere in the world.

For more information on how you can make an impact on engineering education through a major, planned or estate gift to the CEEN Department, contact:

Karen Moellering
Director of Development for the College of Engineering
(402) 458-1179

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