With the CEEN program growing at its current rate, it was well known that Professors and lab assistants would not be available all the time to assist students with lab equipment. Then a question was asked, "how do we solve this before it becomes a big problem".
The Idea of Labmaster was proposed by Robert Fladby and was made a part of the Computer and Electronics Engineering Department by Jim Wingert as his Senior Thesis. Labmaster makes the following information about lab equipment in each room available to all students via the World Wide Web.
1. General description and specifications
2. Safety precautions
3. Button/control definition and function
4. Generic set up for certain functions
Example from general labs
How measure frequency
b. How measure phase
c. Etc.
Jim only started this process with the General Engineering labs 305 & 311. The rest of the labs will be completed at a later date. If you are interested in setting up another lab on Labmaster, please contact Dr. Bing Chen in PKI-200. Labmaster was created using Adobe Page Mill.



The Labmaster home page displays links to all lab rooms. Once you are in those sites, you can return to the home page by clicking the link on the left of the page "LABMSTER HOME". The only way to enter the other labs is through the Home Page.

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