Overview for the 1st Time User

The link on the left contains links to the General lab home page, all major equipment and safety precautions. These links are to enable you to easily navigate throughout this lab. If you want to view another lab, you need to click on the top link "LABMASTER HOME" and return to Labmaster Home Page.

There are three pieces of equipment covered in this lab: O'SCOPE, FUNCTION GENERATOR, and a POWER SUPPLY.

To demonstrate how to navigate through this lab, I will briefly go through the O'SCOPE.

If you click on the O'scope on the left a picture of the O'scope will appear with several links below it. If you want to see what a particular button or knob in the picture does, just click it. Some of the button/knob descriptions may be a little vague, so I suggest using the link called "Helpful Quick Starts" which contains links to the following plus more.

Front-Panel Menus and Controls
1. Using the Menu System
2. Using the Menu Buttons
3. Using the Dedicated Controls
4. Identifying Items in the Display
5. Using Quick Menus

Application Examples
Taking Simple Measurements
a. Using Autoset
b. Selecting Automatic Measurements
c. Measuring Two Signals
d. Customizing Your Measurements

All the links under Helpful Quick Starts link to one of three Reference pages(Ref1,2,3). You can browse theses pages if you want, but they are long.

Again, you can always return to the O'scope home page or another equipments home page by clicking on one of the links on the left.

Of course all of the equipment home pages contain a link to safety precautions.