Review the following safety precautions to avoid injury and prevent damage to this product or any products connected to it. To avoid potential hazards, use this product only as specified.

To Avoid Fire or Personal Injury
Use Proper Power Cord.
Use only the power cord specified for this product and certified for the country of use.

Connect and Disconnect Properly. Connect the probe output to the measurement instrument before connecting the probe to the circuit under test. Disconnect the probe input and the probe ground from the circuit under test before disconnecting the probe from the measurement instrument.

Ground the Product. When operating with AC power, this product is grounded through the grounding conductor of the power cord. To avoid electric shock, the grounding conductor must be connected to earth ground. Before making connections to the input or output terminals of the product, ensure that the product is properly grounded.

When operating with battery power, this product must still be grounded. To prevent electric shock, always connect a grounding wire between the ground terminal on the rear panel and earth ground.

Observe All Terminal Ratings. To avoid fire or shock hazard, observe all ratings and markings on the product. Consult the product manual for further ratings information before making connections to the product.

Connect the ground lead of the probe to earth ground only.

Replace Batteries Properly. Replace batteries only with the proper type and rating specified.

Recharge Batteries Properly. Recharge batteries for the recommended charge cycle only.

Do Not Operate Without Covers. Do not operate this product with covers or panels removed.

Use Proper Fuse. Use only the fuse type and rating specified for this product.

Avoid Exposed Circuitry. Do not touch exposed connections and components when power is present.

Do Not Operate With Suspected Failures. If you suspect there is damage to this product, have it inspected by qualified service personnel.

Do Not Operate in Wet/Damp Conditions.

Do Not Operate in an Explosive Atmosphere.

Keep Product Surfaces Clean and Dry.

Provide Proper Ventilation. Refer to the manual's installation instructions for details on installing the product so it has proper ventilation.

Preventing Electrostatic Damage

CAUTION. Electrostatic discharges (ESD) can damage components in the oscilloscope and its accessories. To prevent ESD, observe these precautions when directed to do so.

Use a Ground Strap. Wear a grounded antistatic wrist strap to discharge the static voltage from your body while installing or removing sensitive components.

Use a Safe Work Area. Do not use any devices capable of generating or holding a static charge in the work area where you install or remove sensitive components. Avoid handling sensitive components in areas that have a floor or bench top surface capable of generating a static charge.

Handle Components Carefully. Do not slide sensitive components over any surface. Do not touch exposed connector pins. Handle sensitive components as little as possible.

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Product Damage Precautions
Use Proper Voltage Setting

Before applying power, ensure that the line selector is in the proper position for the power source being used.

Provide Proper Ventilation
To prevent product overheating, provide proper ventilation.

Do Not Operate With Suspected Failures
If you suspect there is damage to this product, have it inspected by qualified service personnel.

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Safety Precautions
Certain safety procedures must be observed when this power supply is used with external circuits that are connected to AC power lines. There is always some danger when working with electrical equipment or circuits that operate at hazardous voltages. You should thoroughly familiarize yourself with the equipment before working on it. High voltage may appear at unexpected points in defective equipment.

The Elenco power supplies are equipped with three wire line cords which ground the chassis to power line ground. DO NOT CUT OFF OR DISABLE THE GROUND PLUG.

The power supply secondary circuits are isolated from the 120V primary circuit via the power transformer. When working with other equipment, this may not always be the case. Always be familiar with the equipment rating. Keep in mind that defective equipment can have dangerous voltages at unexpected points. CAUTION: When removing the cover for fuse replacement, always disconnect the power cord from the AC socket. Service repair should only be done by qualified personnel who are knowledgeable of electrical hazards.

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