HYPERTERMINAL is use as a dump terminal for your Computer Design Project.

1st) Connect your project to one of the serial ports on the computer you are using.

2nd) Open HYPERTERMINAL (see PIC1)

3rd) Name the connection and choose an icon. Click "OK"

4th) Select the communications port you are using. (COM1 or COM2)

5th) Select port settings. (Should be same settings you programmed you UART with)

*Note* If you tied RTS & CTS to ground, flow control is "NONE"
If you wired these two signals to the Computer select "Hardware"

6th) Under Properties in file menu use these settings to start with, if you have problems, try something new.

7th) Any time you make changes to the Properties, you will have to "Disconnect" and then "Reconnect"