CEEN Industry Advisory Board

The CEEN Industry Advisory Board participates in several ways in terms of advising the CEEN Department:

  1. to provide information on the latest trends in industry
  2. to support the maintenance of quality standards within our programs
  3. to support activities related to ABET accreditation


Members of the Board:


Bill Fleissner Mr. Bill Fleissner
Precision Fibre Channel, President
EET '83

Bill Fleissner is the Founder, President, and General Manager of Avionics Interface Technologies (AIT). Mr. Fleissner remains involved in all operations and is the majority shareholder. Under his direction, AIT has developed a reputation for providing the highest technology and feature rich products with outstanding customer satisfaction, making AIT a leader in the avionics data bus industry. Mr. Fleissner was one of the original founding engineers starting SBS Technologies (1992 - Albuquerque, NM). He has since founded AIM-USA (2000 - Omaha), and Precision Fibre Channel (2003 - Dayton, OH).

Mr. Fleissner has designed, validated, and installed a wide variety of military test and simulation systems for the Department of Defense (DOD) and its top tier sub-contractors, including telemetry uplink and downlink monitoring systems, launch control systems for the Tomahawk Cruise Missile Program; Atlas, Centaur, Titan, and Delta Expendable Launch Vehicles (ELVs - unmanned rockets); the Consolidated Communications Facility at Johnson Space Center for the Shuttle and Space Station Freedom Programs; and many flight test applications for NASA and DOD programs, including missiles, rockets, military and commercial aircraft, and satellite programs.

Mr. Fleissner has previously held Design Engineering, Systems Integration, Program Management, Sales, Marketing, and Corporate Executive Management positions at General Instrument, General Dynamics, L3-Com (formerly Loral Instrumentation), and SBS Technologies. He has authored articles and taught avionics bus standards at many technical conferences as he continues to research and architect products for embedded flight computer applications. He is an active Instrument Rated Pilot.

Mr. Fleissner holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronics Engineering from the University of Nebraska, and has pursued subsequent post graduate studies at UCSD (Univ. of California at San Diego), UCLA, MIT, and Northwestern University's J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management.
Richard L. Gregg Mr. Richard L. Gregg
Prism Technologies LLC, Founder, VP/CTO
EET '82

Richard L. Gregg, Founder, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Prism Technologies LLC has more than thirty years of in-depth technical, business and managerial experience in the computer technology industry. Mr. Gregg founded Prism Technologies LLC in 2003 with the goal of owning the key patented technologies used in Internet security. Mr. Gregg is the inventor of several computer and network security patents which have been successfully licensed to several companies including Microsoft and Research In Motion. Prior to that, he founded Prism Resources, Inc. (1991-2001), a provider of Internet discount brokerage, financial services, and secure content delivery software and systems. In 1997, Prism Resources was recognized as the Nebraska Technology Company of the Year by the AIM Institute and Omaha Chamber of Commerce. Before Prism Resources, he designed ruggedized computer equipment for the transportation industry (1987-1991), developed online transaction processing software (1987-1989) and engineered patented flexible media test and replication technology and equipment (1980-1985). Mr. Gregg is currently pursuing his Master's degree in the CEEN program. Mr. Gregg's interests include automobile restoration, cryptography and entrepreneurial endeavors.
Edwin Hollingsworth Mr. Edwin Hollingsworth
Union Pacific Railroad, Senior Director of Telecommunications Engineering
EET '76

Mr. Hollingsworth is primarily responsible for the development of interoperable communications systems for the North American rail industry.
Sheila Jackson Ms. Sheila Jackson
Northrop Grumman, Combat Systems Dept Manager
EET '87
Robert Miller Mr. Robert Miller
Union Pacific, NetControl Core
CE '00
Mr. Jim Popelka, PE, PA
Union Pacific
Manager, Locomotive Engineering
Mechanical - Locomotive Department
EET '81
Robert Safranek Mr. Robert Safranek
Intel Corporation, Xeon Architect
Enterprise Processor Division
EET '82
Joe Seda Mr. Joe Seda
Cox Communications, VP of Network Engineering and Operations
UNL EE '67
John Smith Mr. John Smith
Independent Business Developer
EET '88