Goals of NSES

The main goals of the Nebraska Solar Energy Society are:

1. Teach solar energy principles to the next generation.
This will be done through a K-8th grade energy education program in 2010.  An underlying part of the program will focus on activities designed to study the applied principles of math and physics. This will give students a solid grasp of basic engineering and structural design principles, as well as an applied knowledge of how to plan and design a more sustainable personal home environment.

2. Teach the teachers program
There will be on-going educational workshops for teachers, with interactive hands-on learning activities they can take back to the classroom.  These modules will be designed to teach specific areas within the content standards, making it easier for them to realize pre-set curriculum goals for the classroom, while providing students with a sound understanding of energy efficiency and passive solar design.

3. Network greater Nebraska
Working with pre-existing groups in the state, NSES will provide support with educational resources about energy efficiency and passive solar design principles as needed.

4. Sponsor short green lectures to politicians and political groups
Part of the educational process will be networking with the policy makers in NE about the benefits of passive solar energy design principles.

5. Small Passive Solar Home Educational Center   

The center will serve as an outreach post for groups and individuals to learn firsthand about a well-designed passive solar energy structure through touring it and from educational work done on-site.

2010 NSES Sponsors:

Corporate Sponsor(s):

2009 Sponsors:

Corporate Sponsors:

  • Maverick Productions, UNO
  • NASA Nebraska Space Grant
  • Contrivium Design + Urbanism
  • EV World
  • Nebraska Renewable Energy Sources

Contributing Sponsors:

  • USGBC Flatwater Chapter
  • Lewis Pinch
  • Russell and Jetty Rabeler
  • Olsson Associates
  • Windrow Energies, LLC
  • Nebraska Renewable Energy Association
  • Solar Heat and Electric
  • Focus Energy Group