2010 Educational Outreach

October 9-10: How To Make Your Own Warm Air Solar Collector

A warm air solar collector workshop, taught by solar instructor, Metropolitan Community College, Michael Shonka, at the Peter Kiewit Institute. Followup with installation of the panel on the rooftop of the Pizza Shoppe in Benson, Omaha as part of the 350.org 10.10.10 international day of action celebrating climate change.

October 8: Presentation on Thermal Solar Panels

Presentation given by solar instructor, Metropolitan Community College, at the Pizza Shoppe in Benson, 6054 Maple St, 530 - 730 PM.

October 2: Nebraska Solar Tour

The NSES will organize NE to be a part of the 13th annual National Solar Tour with the American Solar Energy Society, co-hosting the Omaha tour with the Green Omaha Coalition's Green Home Tour.

July 23-24: Renewable Energy Fair, Lyons, NE

The NSES will have a presentation on thermal solar panels will be presented by Steve Eavens on the 24th.

May 1: How To Make Your Own Solar Cooker

The NSES will have educational materials set up at an earth bermed home in Omaha, demonstrating how to make a solar cooker from recycled materials.

April 22: Earth Day - UNO Pep Bowl

The NSES will have a booth, with Tony Parker Bringing his electric motorcycle and PV panel grid setup.

April 18: Lincoln Earth Day, Antelope Park

The NSES will have a booth at the Lincoln Earth Day, and provide educational models for the public.

April 17: Omaha Earth Day, Elmwood Park

The NSES will have a booth with numerous displays at Elmwood Park. We will have solar car races with kits kids can build and explore, solar tracking (with sun!), and other activities to entertain and inspire the younger part of the attendees at the afternoon event.

March 31: Sustainability Conference, Dana College

The NSES provided an educational booth at the Sustainability Conference at Dana College, Blair.

March 7: Hybrid Solar Panel Research build With Dr. Richard Komp

Dr. Komp taught a group of students, teachers and interested NSES members how to build a hybrid panel. Information was gathered from faculty at PKI to design and build test panels once funds are raised. The hybrid design has been taught at workshops but has not been independently researched.

March 7: How To Make Your Own Hot Air/Water Solar Panel, Dr. Komp

A potluck and education program was hosted by the City Sprouts House, with Dr. Komp giving an overview of his work, including discussion of how to make your own solar panels from recycled materials.

March 4: Hybrid Solar Panel Lecture With Dr. Richard Komp

Dr. Komp returned to Omaha, sponsored by the Nebraska NASA Grant, AAPT, NE Chapter, and MCC. The NSES organized a meeting with at PKI to discuss specifications for his panel design.

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